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UEFA decides on Tuesday if it will pardon Carvajal so he can

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UEFA decides on Tuesday if it will pardon Carvajal so he can

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Real Madrid are waiting to hear if a penalty imposed on Dani Carvajal is reduced wap sbobet to one match and, should UEFA decide to do so, which is something that will be known on Tuesday morning, he will be able to play in the first leg of Los Blancos' Champions League tie against Paris Saint-Germain.The Committee of Ethics and Discipline of UEFA handed the right-back a two-game suspension; one for an accumulation of yellow cards and another for forcing a yellow, the latter ensuring that his slate would be wiped clean in the knockout rounds. Carvajal had caused the yellow in an obvious way according to the referee delegate, so his report was final.The leaders of Real Madrid filed an appeal because the absence of Carvajal is a problem for Zinedine Zidane. Achraf has not been up to the standard required over the last few matches he has played, and everything indicates that Nacho would have to deputise there.It is unusual for the UEFA Appeal Committee to modify suspensions imposed by the Disciplinary Committee and even less so when the action wap sbobet seemed obvious to everyone. Real, for their part, have said that there was no intention on the part of the player and therefore it's not unsportsmanlike.Los Blancos have already experienced a suspension because of such a gesture. It happened when Jose Mourinho ordered Dudek to go to Ikea Casillas' goal to explain that Ramos and Xabi had to force a yellow in a match that Real Madrid won 4-0.UEFA punished all three involved.However, wap sbobet Gerard Pique wasn't suspended when Barcelona were winning 2-0 in the first leg of the round of 16.Luis Enrique asked the centre-back to force the yellow and thus not play a return.Two minutes later, Pique fouled Welbeck and got a yellow. The images captured later on television showed that Enrique planned that card as his gesture, of a certain relief and with an ironic smile gave him away. UEFA considered that there had been no staging to motivate the penalty on that occasion.

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