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Chicago Fire 2018 season preview: Roster, projected lineup,

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Chicago Fire 2018 season preview: Roster, projected lineup,

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Veljko Paunovic's side had an incredible turnaround season in 2017, but maintaining that form could be tricky in 2018
After back to back last-place finishes, 2018 was an emphatic comeback season for the Chicago Fire. Boosted by several key additions, agent sbobet second-year head coach Veljko Paunovic led the Fire to third place in the Eastern Conference.
Although the Fire were swiftly bounced from the playoffs in a 4-0 knockout-round defeat to the New York Red Bulls, there were plenty of positives to be taken from 2017.
Newcomer Nemanja Nikolic scored 24 times to clinch the MLS Golden Boot, Dax McCarty provided a stabilizing veteran presence in the midfield and Bastian Schweinsteiger, when healthy, provided star power and added plenty of class on the ball.agent sbobet The challenge for the Fire in 2018 will be to build on their momentum from last season and avoid taking a step backwards. With many of Chicago's Eastern Conference rivals strengthening considerably in the offseason, and injuries affecting the club's depth, keeping pace will be no easy feat for the Fire this season. .agent sbobet

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