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Praet admits: ‘Yes we have had contacts with Juve’

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Praet admits: ‘Yes we have had contacts with Juve’

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Dennis Praet is on Juve's radar as he has been doing very well with Sampdoria. Here is what the youngster had to say on the 188bet matter as he spoke with ElevenSports. " Juventus? I don't want to talk about this but I know that their have been contacts between the Bianconeri club and Sampdoria in the past. Their interest in me is the proof that I am 188bet doing well but as I've already said, I am happy at Sampdoria and I don't want to leave at the moment. World Cup? I don't think I will get the chance to participate in this great tournament but I hope so. Let's see how it goes as I will try to keep on 188bet doing my best for Sampdoria. We are doing very well this season so anything is possible...". Praet has attracted the interest from Juve as he has been pretty good for Sampdoria since joining them. He has appeared in 23 games for Giampaolo's side as he scored 1 goal and added 3 assists on the season.

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