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Solid wood flooring how to repair scratches?

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Solid wood flooring how to repair scratches?

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<P>The above said only from the natural conditions can prevent the entry of moist air some measures. But when the last step is not properly implemented in place, it must be mechanical drying activities. At this point, you can use the home air conditioning heater function dehumidification, smart some air conditioning itself with dehumidification function, open it. Can also be used dehumidification equipment, damp is the most affected wood products. So for the moisture treatment of wood products is still a more important task. Clever use of air conditioning is also a home miniature.</p>
<P>Desiccant is actually a very good dehumidification supplies. Common hygroscopic box and dehumidification package of two products. Generally, hygroscopic boxes are usually suitable for places such as sofas, beds, cabinets and the like, while dehumidifying bags are more suitable for places with small space such as closets and drawers. Shoe mills can be placed in these areas.</P>
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