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Gary Cahill 'devastated' over Ryan Mason's retirement from f

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Gary Cahill 'devastated' over Ryan Mason's retirement from f

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Gary Cahill 'devastated' over Ryan Mason's retirement from football


sbobet 789 Gary Cahill revealed he was heartbroken after learning that Ryan Mason had been forced to retire from football at the age of 26.

Mason sustained a fractured skull in a clash with Cahill during the Premier League match between Chelsea and Hull City last January, when both players contested a corner.

The former Tottenham midfielder needed emergency surgery and spent more than a week in hospital because of his injury. sbobet 789

Mason had hoped to make a comeback this season but announced on Tuesday, because of further medical advice, that he had been forced to hang up his boots.

Cahill said on Twitter: "Devastated to hear today's news from Ryan.

"Competing for a corner is something we've done thousands of times and to see those consequences for a top professional like Ryan is heartbreaking.

"Sending all my love to him and his family, and wishing him the best for the future."
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